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    Joyce Brown, MA
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Workshops by Joyce Brown & Patty Baker are designed to offer unique and diverse ways to support and empower you to move beyond looking externally and turning inward to work with the multi-faceted levels of who you are and what you can become as soul and as a human being.

Heart of the Tao is about learning how to capture what is within you and then to express this out to the world.  It is a place of truth; it is a place of the heart. It holds the possibilities of transforming your life to greater joy, deeper fulfillment, and inner peace. 

Unique teachings are presented with each workshop.


heart Mind and Soul: Infinite and Unlimited Pathways

All around you are the results of the mind's abilities. Whether it is buildings, art, fashion, medicines, education, everything is connected to the mind.

At the same time, everything around you is connected to your soul. Your soul or your spirit carries in it knowledge, wisdom and information about you and about your soul journey. It is through the soul that we gain insight into our life's mission. The soul will  answer all of those questions about who you are, what is your   purpose in life, and so much more.

Understanding the Mind Teleclass Workshop Series and Understanding the Soul Teleclass Workshop Series offers a unique and in-depth approach to infinite and unlimited pathways for your life.

heart   Understanding the Mind - Teleclass Workshop Series
The mind is equal to the vastness, not only of the sky above you, but of the entire universe. The mind is unlimited; it is how you chose to use the mind's power that  determines your life's outcomes or successes. Click Here to learn more.

heart   Understanding the Soul - Teleclass Workshop Series
The soul has within it a most unique collection of the soul's actual lives lived, as well as insights and intuitions about the soul’s future.  The soul is very present and it has within it everything you need to understand about who you are. Click Here to learn more.


heart Quan Yin Chakra Lotus Teachings - Workshop Series

Whether you are a beginner to the chakra or you have studied this system, the Quan Yin Chakra Lotus Teachings are a refreshing and new system to know, understand and develop through a different approach of understanding the chakra, the chakra living light, the lotus power and how they all work together to bring about dynamic potentials. Click Here to learn more.


heart Dare to Dream - Workshop Series

Dare to Dream is about using the power of your creative imagination to manifest a goal, a desire, any success. You can do this by first using your abilities to design a creative working plan, and that you create what you know can be the reality as opposed to wishing or hoping. Click Here to learn more.


heart How to Deal With Difficult People, Events or Situations in Your Life - Workshop

 Learning how to deal with difficult people is a mindset - it is changing how you see yourself in relationship to others and events that brings about a positive outcome.


heart How to Move Beyond The Limitations of Fear - Workshop

Fear is based on a belief system, feeling vulnerable and powerless in relationships, work, or any life situation.  Fear is centered in the mind, what is accepted as real or your truth is acted upon through what is stored in the mind on a day to day basis.  If fear is stored in the mind, then fear will have control of you and your mind, limiting your potential as a soul, your personal achievements, success and a good life.


heart Angels - Workshop

Angels, which are pure channels of light, come from the soul world to assist you. There are many, many angels which are not part of what might be known as ‘angels of traditional teachings’.  These angels, as with all angels, can be of  benefit to help you in all aspects of your life. Click Here to learn more.


heart Pathway to Freedom: Vows & Disavowing

Vows are agreements, promises, or pledges made to another person, organization, country, cause, or belief, and can also be spiritual in nature. Click Here to learn more.


heart Private Consultations and Coaching (Spiritual, Life, Career, Business)  


Joyce Brown  

Patty Baker